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About | ENFIN

The European Network of Excellence, ENFIN, is committed to providing a Europe-wide integration of computational approaches in systems biology


ENFIN is a virtual institute, formed to enable systems-level integration of experimental results.


  1. To develop a shared approach between traditionally dry and traditionally wet researchers in the area of systems-level interpretation of experimental results
  2. To develop a distributed computational platform this integration and analysis of experimental data
  3. To directly prove that such an approach has scientific value
  4. To encourage and participate in the critical assessment of systems-level approaches
  5. To disseminate knowledge and techniques to other academic researchers worldwide
  6. To disseminate knowledge and techniques to commercial researchers, in particular European SMEs
  7. To train young European researchers from a variety of backgrounds in system-level informatics techniques.

All these objectives taken together will enhance both the European Research area and the competiveness of Europe.


There are a number of research groups across Europe who are partners in the ENFIN project.

Find out more about the partners.


The infrastructure of the ENFIN project includes the director, Ewna Birney (EMBl-EBI), the project manager Pascal Kahlem (EMBL-EBI), committees, and the EU Workpackages we deal with.

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The ENFIN project deals with a number of EU workpackages. Find out more about how they are linked, and see details of individual workpackages.

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