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ENFIN infrastructure | ENFIN

The European Network of Excellence, ENFIN, is committed to providing a Europe-wide integration of computational approaches in systems biology

ENFIN infrastructure

Find out how the ENFIN project is structured and managed, and which EU Work Packages we deal with.


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Scientific Advisory Board

SAB Missions:
  1. The scientific direction of the NoE
  2. Help recognize unrealized collaborations inside of the NoE
  3. Ensure the NoE is kept abreast of other external work and advances
  4. Advice on external collaborators
  5. Advice in Phase IV on any participant changes which need to be made.

Executive Committee

Training Committee

An important aspect of this NoE is the dissemination of knowledge to other researchers, in both academic and commercial contexts. In our experience, such training activities requires both dedicated coordination and also strategic guidance from leading scientists. The main activities for training is detailed in Workpackages 8,9 and 10, however over and above this workpackage we will require on-the-ground organization of training courses.

We have budgeted for a training coordinator for the Network, who will be dedicated full time to organizing and running training courses. These courses will be coordinated with the BIOSAPIENS organized 'European School for Bioinformatics'. Overseeing this work will be a training committee of 4 members, again balanced between experimentalists and bioinformaticians.

The training committee will meet 4 times a year; 3 times per year by phone conference and once in person in conjunction with the AGM for the NoE.

Experimental Resources Committee


Formed by 2 experimental and 2 computational PIs, this Committee will examine applications for projects aimed at verifying/testing the ENFIN platform.

Via a 'Request for Experimental Resource' structure, the Committee will ask a proposal jointly from an experimental group and a computational group to test a prediction set (ie, in the order of 10s to 100s of genes in a single experiment). The proposal will be a short form detailing the aspects of the experiment, the requested budget, and the impact on the prediction set.

The committee will meet on demand, mainly coordinated by email and phone and will aim to approve or reject requests within 2 weeks from submission. The committee will also meet in person once a year and present every 6 months the number, total budget and brief description of the experiments to both the Executive Committee and to the entire Network of Excellence group.

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